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Before a municipal committee, Thursday, March 23, 2007, 4 representatives of Collectif Garenne presented a project to replace "at best" the library Garenne. This municipal commission is composed of elected representatives from all sides, under the chairmanship of the assistant for culture. 

Due to the demolition of the library, the Collective is requesting a reading point on campus; namely: 
- sufficient books for children and adults; 
- a possibility of borrowing on the spot and using the library network for more precise works 
- a librarian to animate the place. 
And this, in the Maison de quartier or annexed to the Maison de Quartier.

Result; after about two hours of discussions, with a set of elements confirming the collective of the merits of her request, the Assistant for Culture concluded with a brief "file transmitted": 
- without favorable or unfavorable opinion; 
- without planned study, as to budget the cost of setting up this reading point; 
- no date or calendar for an answer. 

Following this disappointing experience, Collectif Garenne decided to continue its action. 
It is with pleasure that your ideas, your messages, will be received. 

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